Digging Up Relics – Life As A HL2:RP Player

So I was digging around my old projects I did back in high school and found my guide for HL2RP named “Life As A HL2:RP Player”… *shiver*

Needless to say it was quite enjoyable to look at having thought I accidentally deleted it and leaving it to the void of my memory. I had an interesting view of the HL2RP gamemode (made using a framework called Clockwork that was made for Garry’s mod). For those that know of HL2RP, it will be easy to understand that I thought the Combine was some random police force that had a major hate-boner for random Citizens and got increasingly hateful the higher ranked they were.

The actual guide is made with Adobe Flex Builder (something I worked with in Grade 10 and 11). It was a useful tool for some things I worked on back then, but since then I’ve moved on to using other tools.

I’ll end my commentary here and let you check out the rest here: http://hl2rp.jonathandroogh.com/guide/

Digging Up Relics – Life As A HL2:RP Player

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