A Journey With Cloud Sixteen

I’ve made many posts about Cloud Sixteen before, some good, some bad. I’m at a point in my life where I can look back and reflect on my history that I’ve built up so far, Cloud Sixteen is apart of that history.

Lots of people will say that you can never leave Cloud Sixteen, however I think that is false; Cloud Sixteen never leaves you.

Comparing what Cloud Sixteen is today to what it was back then, you can see a lot of differences. There’s more life, more purpose in Cloud Sixteen now. The thing to understand is that Cloud Sixteen isn’t just one person now (kurozael), it’s a community of aspiring people, many of which I’ve seen grow both in knowledge and maturity (duck, Dex, Lev, Aflac, NightAngel, Tommy, Sixx, Rhenz, alexanderk, Atebite, Vortix, Polis, Songbird, trurascalz, Kemerd, Sheeplie, and many more).

My time at Cloud Sixteen has been a bag of mixed emotions with a plethora of experiences. I’ve learned at and outside of Cloud Sixteen, both in my programming skills and people skills. I can look at things and not have that feeling of being consumed by certain topics, but I can instead look at things critically and keep an unbiased view.

Not much else to say, this wasn’t really intended to be a big post, this wasn’t really intended to be posted at all.

A Journey With Cloud Sixteen

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