Dream Diaries – #7

This dream I had is probably one of most vivid and enjoyable dreams I’ve had to date. There was part of the dream that happened before what I’m about to describe but I can’t remember it unfortunately, I say it was unfortunate because it was how the dream began (or was it?).

Dream Diary #7 – Battle In The Mega-Mall

I found myself with squad of soldiers or mercenaries, I’m not entirely sure. We were in a car chase being pursued by the authorities, but they weren’t the police. I watched as we drove through lawns, broke through picket fences… Until we made our way to the entrance of some sort of mega-mall. This mall was vast, I’d say it was almost like a city center in its own right. We didn’t go through the front entrance but instead we somehow made our way to some underground passage that led in to the mega-mall.

As I was making my way through these dark tunnels we came to a fairly wide set of stairs with a door-like entrance to right that had a spiraling staircase leading upwards. As we approached the stairs we were met with resistance. Before I could see exactly who our opponents were one of my allies opened fire and took down the enemies. My allies pushed up the main staircase but I took the door on the right. I made my way up those stairs and found three people lying on ground, one of which had an assault rifle. I believe it was an M4A1 so I took it for my own use, however I didn’t take any of the ammo.

We continued to advance and I ran out of ammo very quickly, by that point we had reached the inside of the mega-mall. I then found myself outside of a gun shop inside the mega-mall, however the gun shop was locked down. Once we arrived we met the owner of the gun shop. All he did was give us a nod, then tossed the keys to the gun shop away from him and began to turn around and leave. I responded in confusion but then the gun shop owner turned around and let us in to his store himself. Funny enough we didn’t actually take any weapons. We searched around the store to find electrical components such as power strips and battery banks, I had no idea as to why…

Once we were loaded up on supplies we made our way deeper in to the mega-mall. We would see a person or two here and there and a lot of them were looking to challenge us to a duel for some reason. I myself was challenged, but I was only armed with a Makarov pistol. Things were almost too vivid. I was wearing my winter coat that I owned in real life and I was able to reach in to my coat pocket and feel the magazines for my Makarov inside. I pulled a magazine out of my pocket, loaded it in to my Makarov, then pulled the slide to load the first bullet. Before I knew it I was engaged in the duel. I took cover and began firing at my opponent. I didn’t hear any of the gunshots, but I knew I was firing the gun. I came out on top without a scratch, I can’t say the same for one of my allies who got shot in the shoulder when he was doing his own duel.

After much travelling and many more duels we came to an escalator that led down in to the depths of the mega-mall, but we were being followed. Out of nowhere a group of five or so people were in hot pursuit and I told my other squad mates to carry on to the exit as fast as possible, I followed behind. At the bottom of the escalator there were these narrow tunnels that were about as tall and wide as I am so running wasn’t difficult. It was surprising that I was able to run so easily, usually when I try to run in dreams it’s like trying to run through water.

I came to the end of the tunnel and there was this plank laid across a pit that was between myself and the exit, however the board was on fire. I made a mad dash to get across and while I was running across I saw the surface of the board start to blacken as the fire burned it away. Right as I made it across I looked behind me and saw that one of the pursuers had jumped across, but to no avail. He fell in to the pit and that was the last I saw of him, and also the pursuers as they had went back they came. I turned to my squad mate that was waiting at the exit and he just smiled and said “it was good playing with you.” Then he disappeared, it felt like he had logged off of a game.

Then I woke up.

Dream Diaries – #7

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