Dream Diaries – #7

This dream I had is probably one of most vivid and enjoyable dreams I’ve had to date. There was part of the dream that happened before what I’m about to describe but I can’t remember it unfortunately, I say it was unfortunate because it was how the dream began (or was it?).

Dream Diary #7 – Battle In The Mega-Mall

I found myself with squad of soldiers or mercenaries, I’m not entirely sure. We were in a car chase being pursued by the authorities, but they weren’t the police. I watched as we drove through lawns, broke through picket fences… Until we made our way to the entrance of some sort of mega-mall. This mall was vast, I’d say it was almost like a city center in its own right. We didn’t go through the front entrance but instead we somehow made our way to some underground passage that led in to the mega-mall.

As I was making my way through these dark tunnels we came to a fairly wide set of stairs with a door-like entrance to right that had a spiraling staircase leading upwards. As we approached the stairs we were met with resistance. Before I could see exactly who our opponents were one of my allies opened fire and took down the enemies. My allies pushed up the main staircase but I took the door on the right. I made my way up those stairs and found three people lying on ground, one of which had an assault rifle. I believe it was an M4A1 so I took it for my own use, however I didn’t take any of the ammo.

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Dream Diaries – #7

Dream Diaries – #5, 6, and 7

So it’s been quite awhile since I’ve done any Dream Diaries, so I’ve had some of my dreams just adding up to the to do list. I figured now would be a good time to blog about it.

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Dream Diary #5 – Ongoing Journey

I recall the location I was at. It was at my family’s farm in the back barn, specifically right by the hydraulic control system for our alleyway scraper (it moves manure towards the manure pit). I know the location well: There’s two gates for either alley, headlock gates on one side where the cows and heifers can eat, stalls where they can rest or sleep on the other side, two garage doors behind the gates, etc.

When I was there, I noticed there was many valuable items, valuable to me that is, sitting in front of me between the two gates in a place that would be out of reach for the heifers that would’ve been within the gated area. For some reason, there was no heifers around, not much of anything really. It was just me, these valuable items, and my surroundings. I didn’t do anything with these valuable items, I just saw them sitting there scattered around.

Then my dream flashed to a sort of cabin way off in the woods. It was a modest cabin and it felt comfortable to be in, it set me at ease. I flashed back to the barn, but I found myself on the farm’s Polaris Ranger (a 4×4 utility vehicle we’d use for work). I started driving back through the fields to reach that cabin I had seen, but I knew that I wasn’t getting any closer to it. I was just travelling, getting nowhere.

Then I woke up.

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Dream Diaries – #5, 6, and 7

A Journey With Cloud Sixteen

I’ve made many posts about Cloud Sixteen before, some good, some bad. I’m at a point in my life where I can look back and reflect on my history that I’ve built up so far, Cloud Sixteen is apart of that history.

Lots of people will say that you can never leave Cloud Sixteen, however I think that is false; Cloud Sixteen never leaves you.

Comparing what Cloud Sixteen is today to what it was back then, you can see a lot of differences. There’s more life, more purpose in Cloud Sixteen now. The thing to understand is that Cloud Sixteen isn’t just one person now (kurozael), it’s a community of aspiring people, many of which I’ve seen grow both in knowledge and maturity (duck, Dex, Lev, Aflac, NightAngel, Tommy, Sixx, Rhenz, alexanderk, Atebite, Vortix, Polis, Songbird, trurascalz, Kemerd, Sheeplie, and many more).

My time at Cloud Sixteen has been a bag of mixed emotions with a plethora of experiences. I’ve learned at and outside of Cloud Sixteen, both in my programming skills and people skills. I can look at things and not have that feeling of being consumed by certain topics, but I can instead look at things critically and keep an unbiased view.

Not much else to say, this wasn’t really intended to be a big post, this wasn’t really intended to be posted at all.

A Journey With Cloud Sixteen