Refining Rule, Day 402 – A Kingdom Has Risen

Controlled Territory, Day 402

Alas, we start again! I’ve decided to blog about this playthrough later into the game so that I don’t end up repeating myself.

For simplicity sake I’ve numbered areas on the map by districts. So the lower the number, the longer I’ve held that land. I plan to divide the districts up by towns and their surrounding area.


When I started this game I journeyed far and wide trying to get as much money as possible until I could start creating my own businesses. Once I gathered enough money I set out to create dyeworks in as many towns as possible so that I could get enough passive income to support my army (it was mostly comprised of Swadian troops).

Once I formed enough power I took Maras Castle (owned by the Kingdom of Rhodoks, aka the green guys) and formed the Kingdom of Arjello. From there it was a slow climb in capturing surrounding castles, and then I finally took Yalen. Once I had Yalen, my power was solidified.

I made peace where possible until my economy improved and my forces grew. From there I went north (to the left in the picture of the map seen above) and exploited Swadia’s constant wars. The Kingdom of Swadia was largely distracted by ongoing wars with other kingdoms so it was quite easy to take the closest castles and of course Praven.

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Refining Rule, Day 402 – A Kingdom Has Risen

Digging Up Relics – Life As A HL2:RP Player

So I was digging around my old projects I did back in high school and found my guide for HL2RP named “Life As A HL2:RP Player”… *shiver*

Needless to say it was quite enjoyable to look at having thought I accidentally deleted it and leaving it to the void of my memory. I had an interesting view of the HL2RP gamemode (made using a framework called Clockwork that was made for Garry’s mod). For those that know of HL2RP, it will be easy to understand that I thought the Combine was some random police force that had a major hate-boner for random Citizens and got increasingly hateful the higher ranked they were.

The actual guide is made with Adobe Flex Builder (something I worked with in Grade 10 and 11). It was a useful tool for some things I worked on back then, but since then I’ve moved on to using other tools.

I’ll end my commentary here and let you check out the rest here:

Digging Up Relics – Life As A HL2:RP Player

Seeing Games Again

For a time I hadn’t been so consumed with video games, probably a solid year by now. Recently I’ve rediscovered the joy of playing video games, a joy I thought I’d never find again.

For a time I felt nothing when trying to play a game, if I even decided on which game to play. I would spend time scrolling through a list of games I could play lamenting about all the fun I had playing that particular game, wondering if I’d ever have as much fun like that again.

There was a wall in front of me, and when I’d look for a way around I’d only see the wall again. I can tell you now that there’s no longer a wall. What there was was more so a handicap of the sort preventing speedy passage. You could say I was trying to run through water, I the beholder of what once was, the water the games. I should’ve been in a boat with a paddle, doing things the right and fast way to get across.

I was supposed to post this awhile ago but didn’t get around to it. As of late I’ve just been enjoying games and what not, such fun!

Seeing Games Again