Refining Rule, Day 402 – A Kingdom Has Risen

Controlled Territory, Day 402

Alas, we start again! I’ve decided to blog about this playthrough later into the game so that I don’t end up repeating myself.

For simplicity sake I’ve numbered areas on the map by districts. So the lower the number, the longer I’ve held that land. I plan to divide the districts up by towns and their surrounding area.


When I started this game I journeyed far and wide trying to get as much money as possible until I could start creating my own businesses. Once I gathered enough money I set out to create dyeworks in as many towns as possible so that I could get enough passive income to support my army (it was mostly comprised of Swadian troops).

Once I formed enough power I took Maras Castle (owned by the Kingdom of Rhodoks, aka the green guys) and formed the Kingdom of Arjello. From there it was a slow climb in capturing surrounding castles, and then I finally took Yalen. Once I had Yalen, my power was solidified.

I made peace where possible until my economy improved and my forces grew. From there I went north (to the left in the picture of the map seen above) and exploited Swadia’s constant wars. The Kingdom of Swadia was largely distracted by ongoing wars with other kingdoms so it was quite easy to take the closest castles and of course Praven.

Ongoing Battles

Battle against the Kingdom of Swadia

As of now there’s constant fighting between my own kingdom and the Kingdom of Swadia. I’ve tried to make peace after taking Praven and its surrounding areas, but King Harlaus is unwilling so I push forward into his lands. This is the reason I control Vyincourd Castle now, and soon Uxkhal.

The enemy’s opponents in the battle against the Kingdom of Swadia

The continued invasion of Swadia isn’t without its benefits. Having captured more land I’m able to give more fiefs to my Lords. It has given me the means of getting on Lord Clais’ good side so that I could arrange a marriage with Lady Tibal to further solidify my right to rule.

I expect the war with the Kingdom of Swadia to end soon.

Refining Rule, Day 402 – A Kingdom Has Risen

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